Wildlife photos of Fabales taken in South America, Europe and North America.
Europe Show this continent only
7 Cytisus multiflorus White broom
Cytisus multiflorus
6 Cytisus scoparius Common Broom
Cytisus scoparius
5 Lathyrus clymenum Spanish vetchling
Lathyrus clymenum
6 Lathyrus japonicus Sea pea
Lathyrus japonicus
5 Lotus corniculatus Common bird's-foot trefoil
Lotus corniculatus
4 Lotus creticus
Lotus creticus
6 Robinia pseudoacacia Black locust
Robinia pseudoacacia
8 Scorpiurus muricatus Caterpillar-plant
Scorpiurus muricatus
3 Securigera varia Crownvetch
Securigera varia
North America Show this continent only
4 Lotus sp.
Lotus sp.
3 Medicago lupulina Black medick
Medicago lupulina
South America Show this continent only
6 Calliandra dysantha
Calliandra dysantha
7 Chamaecrista desvauxii
Chamaecrista desvauxii
9 Mimosa sp. 1
Mimosa sp. 1
5 Mimosa sp. 2
Mimosa sp. 2
3 Mimosa sp. 3
Mimosa sp. 3
3 Mimosa sp. 4
Mimosa sp. 4
4 Mimosa sp. 5
Mimosa sp. 5
4 Periandra mediterranea
Periandra mediterranea
2 Senna sp.
Senna sp.