Butterflies (Rhopalocera), others

Wildlife photos of Rhopalocera (for Nymphalidae see other section) taken mostly in Brazil.
Europe Show this continent only
1 Colias croceus Clouded yellow
Colias croceus
1 Gonepteryx cleopatra Cleopatra
Gonepteryx cleopatra
3 Gonepteryx rhamni Common brimstone
Gonepteryx rhamni
2 Leptotes pirithous Lang's short-tailed blue
Leptotes pirithous
3 Lycaena dispar Large copper
Lycaena dispar
1 Lycaena helle Violet copper
Lycaena helle
3 Papilio machaon Old World swallowtail
Papilio machaon
2 Pieris napi Green-veined white
Pieris napi
1 Pieris sp.
Pieris sp.
5 Polyommatus daphnis Meleager's blue
Polyommatus daphnis
North America Show this continent only
2 Thymelicus lineola Essex skipper
Thymelicus lineola
South America Show this continent only
1 Ancyluris meliboeus Meliboeus Swordtail
Ancyluris meliboeus
3 Ascia monuste Great southern white
Ascia monuste
1 Eurema sp.
Eurema sp.
1 Gen. et sp. indet. 1
Gen. et sp. indet. 1
2 Gen. et sp. indet. 2
Gen. et sp. indet. 2
3 Heliopetes sp.
Heliopetes sp.
3 Heraclides astyalus Broad-banded Swallowtail
Heraclides astyalus
3 Heraclides hectorides
Heraclides hectorides
2 Heraclides sp. 1
Heraclides sp. 1
2 Heraclides sp. 2
Heraclides sp. 2
1 Parides anchises Anchises cattleheart
Parides anchises
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