Wildlife photos of 14 species of Primates from Brazil.
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3 Alouatta belzebul Red-handed houler
Alouatta belzebul
11 Alouatta caraya Black Howler
Alouatta caraya
3 Callicebus melanochir Coastal black-handed titi
Callicebus melanochir
2 Callithrix geoffroyi White-headed Marmoset
Callithrix geoffroyi
4 Callithrix jacchus Common marmoset
Callithrix jacchus
3 Callithrix penicillata Black-tufted marmoset
Callithrix penicillata
6 Mico melanurus Black-tailed Marmoset
Mico melanurus
4 Pithecia irrorata Rio Tapajós saki
Pithecia irrorata
1 Plecturocebus bernhardi Prince Bernhard's titi
Plecturocebus bernhardi
4 Plecturocebus moloch Red-bellied titi
Plecturocebus moloch
3 Sapajus apella
Sapajus apella
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