Taxa map

Species of the family Lycaenidae

1 Lampides boeticus Peablue
Lampides boeticus
3 Leptotes pirithous Lang's short-tailed blue
Leptotes pirithous
4 Lycaena dispar Large copper
Lycaena dispar
1 Lycaena helle Violet copper
Lycaena helle
4 Lycaena phlaeas Small copper
Lycaena phlaeas
6 Lycaena tityrus Sooty copper
Lycaena tityrus
3 Lycaena virgaureae Scarce copper
Lycaena virgaureae
8 Polyommatus daphnis Meleager's blue
Polyommatus daphnis
4 Polyommatus icarus Common blue butterfly
Polyommatus icarus