Wildlife photos of more than 30 species of Lamiales taken in Europe, South America and North America.
Europe Show this continent only
4 Antirrhinum cirrhigerum
Antirrhinum cirrhigerum
6 Antirrhinum linkianum
Antirrhinum linkianum
7 Bellardia trixago Trixago bartsia
Bellardia trixago
9 Cistanche phelypaea
Cistanche phelypaea
4 Cymbalaria muralis Ivy-leaved toadflax
Cymbalaria muralis
7 Digitalis purpurea Foxglove
Digitalis purpurea
6 Fraxinus excelsior Ash
Fraxinus excelsior
8 Galeopsis speciosa Large-flowered hemp-nettle
Galeopsis speciosa
4 Lamium purpureum Red deadnettle
Lamium purpureum
7 Lavandula stoechas French lavender
Lavandula stoechas
6 Linaria spartea
Linaria spartea
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North America Show this continent only
5 Castilleja coccinea Scarlet Indian paintbrush
Castilleja coccinea
5 Castilleja miniata Greater red Indian paintbrush
Castilleja miniata
3 Glechoma hederacea Ground-ivy
Glechoma hederacea
5 Verbascum thapsus Common mullein
Verbascum thapsus
4 Verbena hastata Blue vervain
Verbena hastata
South America Show this continent only
6 Clistax brasiliensis
Clistax brasiliensis
4 Jacaranda rufa
Jacaranda rufa
6 Justicia carnea Brazilian plume
Justicia carnea
2 Justicia lanstyakii
Justicia lanstyakii
6 Justicia sp.
Justicia sp.
4 Ruellia sp.
Ruellia sp.
4 Tabebuia aurea
Tabebuia aurea
7 Tabebuia avellanedae
Tabebuia avellanedae